1. shadow-walk:

    a casual day for sushi :D

    outfit rundown

    • Dress: Juliette et Justine (la robe de anges et bijoux) 
    • Head Accessory, Bag: Innocent World
    • Shoes: Mary Rose

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  2. fuck-yeah-online-shopping:

    Spring Pastel Lipsticks - Sample Set

    Metro / Storque / Clinch

    Space Cadet and Circus aren’t being sold at the moment.. but the rest of these were too cute to not post! Oh, plus they’re are all vegan friendly!

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  7. yuriesekiya:

    WALL JOE×せきやゆりえ「ハナミズツインズ」

    Live Paint

    渋谷パルコ LIMITED SHOP 2014/3/14〜4/3

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