1. ghostintheforest:

    Ivory x offwhite pirate ouji coord n_n

    Alice and the Pirates- Vest, tricorn, boots
    Automatic Honey- Gold necklace
    Baby the Stars Shine Bright- Socks, Scepter, bunny bag, bracelet, wristcuffs, parasol, gold rose clips
    Handmade- Pearl necklace
    Offbrand- Vintage blouse
    Ozz Angelo- Shorts
    Victorian Maiden- Ivory rose corsage

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    Cream Cookie Collection Jumper skirt

    comes in ; ivory/pink/sac & brown

    Length: About89cm Bust: About 91.5cm ~ About 110.5Cm Waist: About 75 cm ~ About 97cm (Some back Shirring Offers limited Ease of fitting) 

    price ; 25,704 yen

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    White and pastels ( )

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    i want these aww .

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  5. 生クリームいちご大福に挑戦してみた (by izmi05)

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